Coatney Creations allows you to get quality products for a fraction of the price. We specialize in DVD Montages, but within the last two years we have expanded our business. This is a benefit for you, because we now offer exceptionally low rates for photography, just click the photography link above. In regards to photomontages, we are committed to consistently creating the highest quality DVD's for you because our major concern is that you are happy and satisfied!! We do not compromise when it comes to our photomontages clarity and DVD imaging. Mediocrity is something that you will not get with Coatney Creations, but you will get excellence, superiority, and distinct satisfaction. This means that our DVD photomontages cost more for us to produce them therefore our profits are not as great, but our reputation is. Our enjoyment comes from producing illustrious and long lasting photomontages that can be shared and viewed by the entire family. 


Coatney Creations will take your photos and create a DVD slideshow and add unique transitions between each photograph which will add to the life of the film. Then we will add music to your photomontage which will set the tone of the entire DVD movie and finally add an unforgettable introduction and closure to your one of a kind DVD photomontage. Each DVD will feature a digital picture of the special occasion along with a custom made DVD cassette cover which makes for the perfect keepsake. We custom design all of our DVD covers using your personal photos which express individuality.


Coatney Creations use the highest-quality DVD media on the market which allows you to keep your DVD montages for years to come. Our high-quality water-resistant DVD-R disks have a invisible glossy coating that protects the disk from smudging due to moist fingers, light scratches and spills. In addition to protecting the disk, the glossy finish produces exceptional printing quality that enhances colors and imaging in your DVD montage. We use the DVD-R format which is compatible with approximately 90% of all existing home DVD players but not all. Please be sure to check your manual to determine if it supports the DVD-R format for DVD's. If you would like, we can assist you in determining if your DVD player supports our equipment.  


Coatney Creations will answer any questions and are open to new ideas. We will produce your DVD montage the way you want it done and will communicate with you each step of the way. We can obtain your photos via email, shared thumb drive/ flash disk or direct mail to our post office box. Once we have your pictures and your order form, we immediately begin to creating your montage. Feel free to call or email us with questions because we are always willing to create special packages to meet your individual needs. We will assist you in any way we can because, Coatney Creations is "Where Images Come To Life".