Please enjoy a few brief demonstrations of how Coatney Creations displays the creativeness with various themes and photo imagery of your special moments. We want you to know exactly what you are paying for and the high quality in which you will receive it. All the special effects and elaborate transitions will be integrated into your DVD photo montage enhancing the mood and feelings of each picture. We stand by our work and are proud of our professional editing capabilities and graphic design talents of all of our specialists. We believe that the best way to show you our superiority is to provide you with samples of our work. 



Create a DVD video for your friends and family that celebrates the joyous occasion of your 1st, 25th, or 50th year of Holy Matrimony. There is no better way to capture the memories of that first kiss, the anniversary getaway vacation, or the time spent with your spouse during the years to come. You can even create a wedding or anniversary photo montage and give it to the bridal party or relatives as a wedding gift.

Wedding Demo (please allow time to load)



A child’s first birthdays is something special and if a loved one is not able to attend or is located out of town, why not provide them with a DVD photomontage for keepsake. Capture all the fun, hilarious poses and unforgettable smiles on a DVD montage that will last and provide enjoyment for years to come. So whether it’s your daughter’s Sweet 16, or Mama’s 70th birthday celebration, each DVD will become a slideshow of entertainment and excitement that celebrates life. 

Birthday Demo


Holiday’s and Special Occasions

With the Holiday’s vastly approaching a DVD photomontage will provide pleasure and amusement during all the big family gatherings. Let Coatney Creations showcase the pictures and images from last years meeting which will be sure to provide many laughs, jokes and finger pointing. Take pictures of this year’s event so that you can have your own personal DVD montage of the time- “All the family was together”.                     

Holiday Demo



Capture the precious memories of your child's elementary graduation or their Master's march, either way the memories will be cherished forever. Watch as the graduate closes a chapter of their academic life while opening another. The cap and gown will be illuminated as the graduate spends time with the family and reminisce over all the hard work and dedication it took them to graduate.  

Graduation Demo


Funeral/ Memorial Service

Celebrate the life of loved ones with a memorial service DVD Photomontage. Coatney Creations will create a photomontage that will honor your loved ones and make the loss easier for your family and friends, as everyone watches and thanks God for the time that you had together. We can pay tribute to one of our brave soldiers, or show respect and homage to a loving father, mother or friend. Coatney Creations will create an unforgettable Photomontage that you can play during the viewing or home going services of your loved ones.  

Funeral/ Memorial Demo